Chasing The Northern Lights


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The Northern light or The Aurora Borealis is an arctic experience not to be missed. It brings out spontanous shouts of joy and excitement from participants in all ages.

From early fall, during the whole winter til mid April we are awaiting the magnificent shows appearing after solar storms. Not only the tourists from all around the world keeps up the fascination for these extraordenary lightshows, even us the locals are often seen staring up at the night sky, amazed and with jaws dropped.  The guides from Lofoten Aktiv are eager to chase and share the magical lightfenomen with you.

Chasing the northern lights

In this extended chase, lasting up to 6 hours, we use the whole of Lofoten and some parts of Hinnøya to search for areas with clear skies and perfect sourroundings with as little light pollution as possible. The goal is to find areas where the northern lights will be our only source of light.

The size of the group varies from 3-14. If you are a larger group this can be arranged.  

Get ready for a magical night together with us in Lofoten Aktiv! Take a afternoon nap, put on warm layers of clothing, bring your camera (with manual options) and a tripod and you are ready for chasing the northern lights.

 Duration: 6 hours
Warm Clothing
  Meetingpoint: Kl.20.00, Svolvær touristinformation
Price: 1710 NOK,-

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