Lofoten Aktiv - Midnightsun kayaking trip

Midnightsun kayaking trip

Experience the adventurous evening light on the outside of Lofoten.

Lofoten Active takes them on an evening stroll in the midnight sun or a fantastic evening light. Our guides choose the right place for the trip to make the most of the weather. Our dissemination focuses on culture and natural history from the area we travel in, and sustainable use of nature is embedded in EVERYTHING we do.

Join Lofoten Active on a trip and experience our wild and beautiful Lofoten from the sea kayak.


Duration: 4 hours
Grading: 1

Meetingpoint: 9.30 PM, Svolvær Tourist info
Pris: NOK 1495,- including kayaking, oars, jumpsuits and life jackets, as well as transport to / from Svolvær Tourist info

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