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Day trip by bike in Lofoten

The wild landscape of Lofoten provides great experiences from the bicycle seat. For many, it is a great surprise that most people do not have any large hills on our trip.

Day trip to Henningsvær

Lofoten Aktiv offers a guided bike ride to Henningsvær starting in Svolvær. The guide takes you on several detours from the E10 so you can experience the historic part of Lofoten. Through the tunnel we have extra light on the bikes. In Henningsvær it will be time for a walk-around and have a tea / coffee and cinnamon bun at Lysstøperiet.

This trip is NOT suitable for children under 14 because we ride part of the ride along the E10.

Duration: 6 hours
Over 14 years and has been cycling for a couple of years

Meetingpoint: Kl.10.00, Svolvær turistinfo
Price: NOK 1350,-


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