After working for some years as a guide, Jann started his first company , Båtbyggeran, in 1979, doing wooden boat building and guiding. In 1984 He started Janns Adventure Lofoten AS as a Ltd and has since then changed the name to Lofoten Aktiv AS. Owned and run by Jann Engstad and he is using only local guides and coaches when needed. The good experience has always been the main focus, this in combination with a high degree of safety and solid knowledge of our nature and the weather has always been the goal.  

Jann has a long experience with activities, tour production, and facilitation for individuals and groups, and has a unique expertise in environmentally friendly outdoor activities

Jann is a guide and a coach and have been active within has been active in several activities and sports including Norwegian Red Cross Resque, seakayaking, swimming, volleyball, handicap sport, telemark skiing, land hockey and cross country skiing.

All tours led by local approved guides and coaches. Our guides are born or have lived while in Lofoten and is well known in the areas we operate in. They know of the finest venues that will give you the best experiences. We suggest what to do together with our guides; both short day trips or longer overnight trips, itinerary, activities and the best camps
Our knowledge and love of Lofoten and its diversity of nature makes it easy for us to help you realize dreams, goals and desires. Lofoten Aktiv is, since 2008, an Certifies Norwegian Ecotourism company and has a good network of contacts throughout Norway. We direct you to other safe operators after you've visited Lofoten and tried what we have to offer you or your company.