Nature and us

"Having been an avid user of the Nature my whole life, I find it natural to show respect to the active use of vulnerable Lofoten Nature."

Jann Engstad was assigned WWF (World Wildlife Foundation) first prize in 1998 and was "1st Runner-up" in 1999 for purposeful work and inspiring participation in "Linking Tourism and Conservation in the Arctic" - project of WWF.

Jann Engstad and his business were also selected by the Executive Committee for Northern Norway and Northern Trønderlag to participate in Interreg IIIB meeting in Iceland, during the autumn 2002, regarding "Sustainable use of nature and natural resources". Jann was also included in the network being built up around the North Atlantic: Nature-Based Tourism. See the website of this network for more information:

Our activities follow the guidelines of WWF Arctic Programme "Tourism and Conservation in the Arctic." The 10 guidelines provide us and our customers a straightforward baseline to stick to during our passage in nature. Some motorized traffic is not legal in Lofoten, including snowmobiles and landing by helicopter outside airports and airfields assigned.

Jann follow up this very closely and the type of activities that he carries out with his guests avoid any unnecessary noise. Jann Engstad is one of the first 5 in Europe with recognized education as LNT-MASTER. Leave No Trace is a training program that was developed in the USA by NOLS (National Outdoor Leadership School) and is a two-year education in theory and practice. Simply LNT is to use nature so no one can see that we have been there and that many can safely use a "clean" area for a long time.

Here are some ground rules for education and practice;

• To learn and practice the Leave No Trace techniques with Lofoten Aktiv and use these techniques as a model for each guide and an ideal for our customers and other tourism businesses in our area.
• To actively promote environmental responsibility in how we operate, respectful of local "modern" environment and the culture we live in. Furthermore, to teach our clients how to live and work in our nature without putting too many tangible traces of us.
• To build positive relationships and create an environment where we can share our thoughts and ideas in environmentally friendly nature-based tourism.
• To learn new concepts to be outdoors for long periods. And to open up to new ideas, equipment, trends and techniques within our established field of knowledge.

Since 2008, Jann and his company, Lofoten Kajakk/Lofoten Aktiv AS have been "Certified Ecotourism Norway". As the first company of Norway to become certified, he has been a straight and "no-nonsense" factor in the work of making ecotourism present in Norway since the beginning of the millennium.