Good experiences

  • Sea Kayaking - Guided tours in seakayak around the Lofoten archipelago.
  • Courses - We offer courses with certified coaches with extensive experience.
  • Northern Lights Tours - Norway's best geographic area to see the Northern Lights.
  • Mountain Hikes - Guided tours of the spectacular Lofoten nature.
  • Rental - Rental of equipment you need to be active at Lofoten.
  • Oars and sails - Enjoy Nature the quiet way.
  • Multi sports - hiking, bicycling, sea kayaking, skiing and snowshoeing. It is up to you to choose your combination




Skiing on Norwegian Lofoten mountain skis provides views and experiences that are unforgettable. Read more about skiing in Lofoten ...


Snowshoeing with guide provides the all-new photos of Lofoten adventure holiday destination. Read more about snowshoeing in Lofoten ...

Mountain Hikes

Hike up a mountain and see the Atlantic Ocean to the north and Vestfjord to the south. Read more about hiking in Lofoten ...

Sea kayak courses

Learning to master the sea kayak in Lofoten allows you to paddle anywhere at any time. Read more about our kayaking courses ...

Sea Kayaking

Guided tour of sea kayaking in Lofoten archipelago is a unique experience, all year round. Read more about kayaking in Lofoten ...

Northern Lights

Northern Lights is best experienced when the guide takes you to an area without artificial light Read more about Northern Lights in Lofoten ...
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